Pigeons live alongside humans for hundreds of years.Pigeons have been used for various purposes throughout history. We use them for communicating during wartime, for entertaining, for food, etc.The city is home to these animals and it seems like they are always cooing.But why is this the case?.Besides the cooing of pigeons, who is it that coos constantly?.This article explains how they communicate. During the day, they must communicate a lot of information and therefore coo constantly.

Pigeons coo constantly because they are curious.

If you live in a city, or a nearby suburb, then no doubt you've heard pigeons cooing at all hours of the day and night. While for some this could be wonderful background noise, for others it may be a little annoying. Pigeons coo when they communicate with one another.Communication differs among creatures.Pigeons communicate with coos, while humans use words.

How do you stop pigeons cooing?

Pigeons' cooings can be very disturbing to some people, particularly when they are trying to relax.To stop them from cooing, stop feeding them. Pigeons are habitual eaters, and they consider the proximity of food sources when choosing a nesting site.Eventually they will leave when they realize they cannot get food in the area and set up a nest elsewhere.

Put a stop to their cooing by making your property unattractive.A mirror is one of the best ways to make your property look unattractive.The reflective surfaces create a prism that causes the rays of sunlight to fall into a bird's eye. Making the birds uncomfortable: You can easily make the pigeons uncomfortable by placing a plastic owl in the yard or close to where they like to perch.The birds can also be scared away with water sprayed immediately when they arrive.

Do pigeons coo when happy?

If they are happy or satisfied, pigeons often make a prolonged coo that looks similar to singing. These coos are heard most often by pet pigeons when they are with their mate or being petted.

Can pigeons scream?

Screaming birds, such as parrots, do so when they are scared, in danger, bored or jealous.

Whenever pigeons are in danger, they grunt loudly so others will be aware of their danger.Pigeon grunts are also often interpreted as screams if they are loud enough.

What other sounds do pigeons make?


A pet pigeon using this sound repeatedly is a sign that it needs to be checked on. .Other pigeons in the area are alerted to take flight by this sound and are prompted to flee as well.The high tempo sound is produced by different feathers from the ones used for flying.